Special Event Photographer – Preparation and Post Production

Special Event Photographer – Preparation and Post Production
Las Vegas Special Event Photographer

Las Vegas Special Event Photographer – Preparation and Post Production

When I’m scheduled for a shot, I typically arrive 30 minutes early. The first 15 minutes gives me the opportunity to scope out the venue for the event, find the best places I want to stand to photograph, and discuss with the host that he or she wants to be photographed. The next 15 minutes is used for setting up equipment to make sure everything goes smoothly. After the event, I return home and start the editing process almost immediately. Did you want a professional? You have got one.

Generally, the Las Vegas special event photographers arrive in time for the scene of the event. They set themselves up, acclimatize with the environment, and try to blend in. Arriving early to the event ensures that they are able to set up their equipment, and capture the moments from the beginning of the event. After the event editing the photos provides a different and tasking challenge. After shooting a lot of photographs throughout the course of the event, you are left with hundreds of pictures taken and sometimes even a thousand to work through. Deciding the right pictures to pick, editing, mashing, and finessing can be tasking. You realize that you still have a lot of clients to meet up with their work and you are on a schedule with your subject on a deadline. While doing this, you want to provide a sparkling, clear, beautiful, and professional work to your subject and within the stipulated time frame too.

The Las Vegas special event photographer has a workflow. The workflow helps to save time, increase productivity, and allow them to consistently deliver quality and professional services every time. The professional photographer plans his workflow around ease and completeness. He makes sure his workflow is flexible and efficient and not as complicated as he cannot afford to get stuck during the process of post-production. He understands that as a professional photographer, he needs to plan for each step and not allow things to get so cumbersome and ambiguous that they begin to fall apart.

In addition, as a professional Las Vegas special event photographer, the first step is to import the pictures taken from the camera and have them backed up in an efficient and reliable memory card. After the pictures have been imported and backed up in the memory card, the sorting process begins. Reviewing and selecting photos can be a daunting challenge. The sorting process is a skill professional photographers continue to develop themselves. Going through the multiple photos shot and selecting the photos that should be delivered to the client is critical and can determine your growth as a photographer. It is a herculean task to decide which photos need to be delivered to the client, which photo needs editing, and which photo needs to be improved upon. It is a painful process, but as the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. After the editing has been finessed and carried out by the photographer using his favorite and most preferred software, the photographer is one step closer to completing the task. When the editing is completed the edited images are now exported and kept in a separate file specifying the name of the client. Then retouching is carried out, the retouching determines if the photos come out in a photo album or they are produced as portraits depending on the client’s preference.



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