Working as a Convention Photographer

Working as a Convention Photographer


Working as a Convention Photographer

As a Las Vegas event photographer, you will be working plenty of large-scale events, including conventions. Conventions have the potential to be a lucrative job for any Las Vegas event photographer due to the longer hours and more expansive work space when compared to, say, being hired for business headshots. If you want to know how to make the most out of being a convention photographer, consider the following tips that will help you.

Tips to Working as a Convention Photographer

Convention photography can be fickle but if you want to be a successful Las Vegas event photographer, then you need to know how to properly work in a convention-based environment. The following are the most essential tips that you need to follow when working as a Las Vegas event photographer at any upcoming convention.

Tip: Scope out the venue lighting, beforehand, if possible

Conventions can have terrible lighting, so whenever possible, try to research the lighting to make sure that you won’t be stuck in a dimly lit room without any options. Will there be any natural light? And if so, how much and where will it come from? Can you hang up external lights? And so on.

Tip: Keep a friendly and engaging tone

Conventions are often designed to be upbeat and fun in order to encourage people to begin sharing ideas, business cards, all the while learning about new and exciting technologies that are headed our way. If you want to get the best photos, make sure you have a friendly and engaging tone rather than a serious, sour look that is sure to put people off.

Tip: Find out what the client’s expectation are

Corporate event photography can vary wildly in stone and style, so it’s best to consult with the client about what their expectations are so that you can meet them whenever possible. Ask your client about the type of photos they want taken at the convention, whether or not you will be stationary or roaming, and anything else you need in order to create the best photos.



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