Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family photographer

Even with the proliferation of camera-enabled phones and selfie-sticks, going back for a professional family photo is one of those traditions that are not about to die out anytime soon. We see tens of families each week who walk in through our doors seeking professionally-done family portraits. Moreover, many calls to inquire about it.

Family portraits don’t have to have a formal feel with stiff poses. There are many creative ways in which we can enable you to reflect your family tradition, feelings, moments, and cultures. You don’t have to have an idea of how you want it done. I have many ideas up my sleeve of how you can get a chic, modern, sporty, formal, playful, or downright silly family portrait.

There are ways in which a family portrait photographer is probably the most emotional and attractive photo. It binds everyone together and in a subtle yet powerful way tells everyone that you are a family and love each other. An urban-based family photo can have you as a family goofing around with different uniforms either suits, firemen uniforms, school uniforms, or a natural simple look.

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer
Las Vegas Portrait Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas photography session.

Home, Studio or Outdoors

Most often kids feel comfortable being in home environments because it is familiar to them. Usually, it is the best place to take a family portrait. On the other hand, the outdoors can give you endless options for family photography. A nearby park, a side-road portrait, a playground photo, or one of the many dozens of places you can stop as a family, the options are truly endless.

The theme, color, lighting, moments, and time, as well as lighting, play a huge role in all of this. Sometimes I can have your dress in the jersey of your best team and reflect your family tradition of supporting the team. Sometimes families can take the portrait to reflect a heritage, like spelling the family name. A group jump, as well as dogpile pose, are also styled with which I can capture the family in a bonding and hilarious portrait.

Family Photography Las Vegas

The bottom line is that we have the best equipment and the finest props with which to reflect your feelings. Even when you barely have an idea of what you want as a family or you can’t agree to settle on an idea, we’ll guide you through.

Whether you need it candid, traditional, glamour, conceptual, lifestyle, or outdoorsy we will give you the best of any of that. For the best price, we will etch into your memory the image of your lovely family for a long time to come. Being an ideal portrait photographer in Las Vegas is why people call and my clients continue to work with me in the future.



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Family Portrait Photographer

Your family means alot to you and you're going to want a family portrait photographer that can help you capture the love that you share.

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