Headshot For Business Cards

Headshot For Business Cards

Headshot For Business Cards

Your headshot and your business card is your brand. Why not combine the two to make a more memorable business card? CPP has been shooting business card headshots for years and we understand the entire process from photoshoot, printing press, to your client’s fingers. Capturing headshot for business cards requires some special skills and techniques as they need to be in accordance with the subject’s professional field, clients and should be appropriate to the card itself. Our photographers are headshot specialists and are well-equipped and knowledgeable to capture a perfect headshot that goes perfectly well with your business card.

The Perfect Background: Your headshot, especially your professional headshot, should be all about you! It should have no distractions and a stable and uncomplicated background that fits your profession. Christian and his photographers know how to incorporate picture-perfect backdrops in your headshot so that it goes well with your personality, your field, as well as your business card.  

Selecting The Attire: We believe that wearing solid colors, apt clothing, and correct accessories play a crucial role in making an impression on your client and positively impacts your career. Being in this field for several years now, Christian is very well-aware of the dress code and suitable clothing required for professional headshots. Our team will guide and help you select the perfect attire for your photo session according to your profession and the clientele. Moreover, our mobile studio allows you to get dressed while on the shoot.

The Best Lighting: Lighting is the most crucial and significant factor contributing to the perfect picture. Dim or unflattering lighting can result in disastrous images, and you surely don’t want that on your business card. We have years of experience and high-tech lighting equipment to avoid such situations. Our photographer knows how to use natural and artificial lighting to the best possible advantage, creating a well-illuminated picture.

Audience-Appropriate: Each industry and profession have a different type of client list, and each type is impressed by different things. Therefore, it is best to know your audience before getting a headshot. Our team discusses all the details of your profession and clients before the shoot to get an idea of your clientele. We, then, capture and create your headshots that are appropriate and impressionable on your respective audience.

If you want to influence your clients positively, make sure to include a well-captured headshot in your business card. The impact this new business card will make on your clients will leave you surprised. Contact us and get yourself the perfect headshot for business cards by our highly-skilled photographers.

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