Headshots on Grey Background

Headshots on Grey Background

Headshots on a grey background is an old school Hollywood classic. Take a look at all of your favorite original actors and they’ll all have headshots on a grey background. It’s a fantastic look that just never goes out of style, especially for someone who has a talent for lighting.

We use a grey background for our models, actors, and others who want the focus of the image to be on them.  Headshots on a grey background don’t have any distraction and have a way of speaking to us all. It’s a very clean classic look for headshots. One great thing about a grey background is its flexibility. It goes with any color of the cloth you wear and any skin tone. 

Headshots On White Background: A white background is fantastic for websites, profile photos, business cards, and billboards. Headshots on a white background have a very clean professional look to them and can be used for most collateral materials.

Headshots On Black Background: Black backgrounds are great to promote a very strong and confident look. Fantastic for magazine articles, press releases, or that confident executive look.

Before we start the shooting, we always discuss the best option with our clients in terms of the background color, and during that time, we discuss the benefits of a headshot on a grey background. If you’re looking for a great profile photo or to use your headshot for self-promotion or business purposes you might want to go with white just for that clean look. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd a little we recommend using grey.

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