Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Battle of the sexes

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Battle of the sexes

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Battle of the sexes

For someone who’s a professional Las Vegas Headshot Photographer, I know very well that headshot photography is a serious business. At least, in a city like Las Vegas, headshots normally means a lot to most of the clients we’ve worked with.

For them, it’s about putting a face to the name. Perhaps the headshots could be for a professional business profile on LinkedIn, a company’s webpage or just giving an entire corporation a human face! In fact, some of these faces could be those of famous personalities. Hence, a professional headshot worthy of the name is non-negotiable.

Taking Female Headshots

My Subjects may be forgiven for thinking that headshot photography is all the same for females and males, but not for me! Granted, the differences are few. However, the difference between a good Headshot and a GREAT one is the little details and small changes. And that’s why we adopt a specific approach when shooting female headshots.

        … The little details

First things first. It’s going to be an enjoyable session… So I let them know that!

I don’t care how great with the camera a Las Vegas Headshot Photographer is. If the atmosphere during the session is tense, the subjects tend to look nervous in the photographs. Knowing what my clients want and what style they would like is crucial. Talking to them allows everyone to stay positive and ensure satisfaction in the end. 

No Distractions wanted: headshots are all about keeping the focus on the face. Depending on the purpose of the photographs, there are little decisions that can be made to ensure things like clothing, background, and lighting don’t divert attention away from people’s faces.

For instance, women tend to be naturally great with their poses. And they seem to have more variety of them in their arsenal than men! But the position of the hair could be obstructing the lighting and distracting from the face, especially if the client has very full hair. Knowing when to pull some of it to the side is usually the difference between an average headshot and an excellent one.



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