Outdoor Headshot Photographer

Outdoor Headshot Photographer

Outdoor Headshot Photographer

When most of us think about headshots we think of that old school traditional setting, possibly with a stool and a very monochromatic background. We can help you with that (except the stool), but as an alternative to the traditional we can set up an outdoor headshot photographer session for you. Outdoor headshots offer a more natural look and tend to be “friendlier” in nature.

Outdoor Locations: When it comes to outdoor locations for headshots you’d be surprised at how much the actual location isn’t that important. Because we use a wide-open aperture the background goes extremely blurry. The most important thing about the location is color and/or leading lines. Leading lines like that on a brick wall or parking lot are fantastic to draw in the viewer’s eyes to the subject matter.

If you’re looking to hire an outdoor headshot photographer and are looking for a nice soft look, then a park with evergreens or grassy hills is the way to go. You get that nice soft look of nature that is inviting.

Executive Headshots: These types of headshots don’t tend to be outdoors, but we’ve done quite a few for executives that deal with the outdoors or have products the service the outdoors. For example a GM of a baseball team, or a sales rep for farming equipment. These types of executive headshots are similar to executive portraits except they are more focused on a person’s face rather than the environment.

When it comes to hiring an outdoor headshot photographer be sure to reach out to us. You’ll receive a great product at a reasonable price and customer service that is unmatched by most photographers in the Las Vegas area.

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