A Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

A Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

A Las Vegas Portrait photographer

We love to capture portrait photography for the sheer fact that they make for the most stunning portraits. Irrespective of who the image on the portraits is for, it tends to make a powerful statement. The best moment portrait tells stories creates mysteries and reveal the true feelings of a person through their facial and body expressions.

We have always believed that while Las Vegas portrait photography is almost entirely filled with the image of the bearer, the background tends to either enhance the image or pull it down.

We have always been keen on providing aesthetically appealing backgrounds that are proportional. The background could tell a part of the story. For example, if it is a portrait of an attorney team in his office with stacks of books behind him.

Because our basic aim is to give you as much natural look as possible that reflects genuine feeling, we prefer to use natural lighting with a bit of enhancement from mounted lights. We know that too much-added light creates awkward brightness. Over the years, we have learned to viscerally measure out the right amount of lighting needed to provide your portrait with a proper natural look.

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer
Las Vegas Portrait Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas photography session.

Capturing Feelings

Unlike any other type of photography, in Las Vegas family portrait photographer, the eyes tell the story. They reflect the mystery and the central focus of the image. We are able to reflect, joy, relaxation, tension, versatility, or playfulness in a portrait photo rather easily. In many ways, our portrait photography Las Vegas is a blend between telling a story and capturing a moment. Usually, we try to make the two to be as close as possible for an ideal portrait photograph.

Every time I mount the camera on a stand to capture portrait photography I am aiming for a natural look. So in many ways, I try to make you as comfortable as possible so that you can reflect your everyday warmth, resilience, personality, and poise into the image. From a single shot, we will capture tens of poses, expressions, and angles, and have you choose the one you feel best reflects your feelings and persona.

Portrait Photography Las Vegas

As the premier, Las Vegas portrait photographer, the creativity that goes into each pose is unique and dynamic. The interesting thing is that over time as we take more and more photos, the more relaxed and confident you will become natural and your true persona will shine through the final portraits.

Our flexibility stems from the understanding that when it comes to portrait photography there are no one-size-fits-all models. Your portrait shoot moment is as unique as it comes and in many ways, we aim to reflect just that.

You may need makeup or you may not, you may desire more natural lighting or not, you may want high-up poses or low-down poses but what matters is that we give you what truly matters- a stunning, portrait photograph.


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