Be The Las Vegas Corporate Photographer Everyone Trusts

Be The Las Vegas Corporate Photographer Everyone Trusts

Be The Las Vegas Corporate Photographer Everyone Trusts

Imagine for a moment that you Las Vegas corporate photographer the top Las Vegas corporate photographer in the area. When corporations think of the person they want on their team, they think of you first. Whether you are already fighting for that #1 position or are still finding your way, you probably know that you won’t get that spot without trust.


When companies are choosing who they want to be their Las Vegas corporate photographer, they are looking for someone they trust. You can’t go back in time and retake photos of an event. Once the event is over, the opportunity to hire a new Las Vegas corporate photographer is gone. Because there isn’t a chance at a do-over, many event planners are extremely choosy about who they trust.

As a Las Vegas corporate photographer, it is your job to earn that trust. Do not let them down. Perhaps reading this makes you feel a bit pressured, especially if you’ve recently booked your first shoot, but you can make the event planners glad they hired you. Here are 3 great tips you can use to help build trust as a Las Vegas corporate photographer:

Be Early

There is nothing that degrades trust more than a photographer that shows up huffing and puffing, their bags thrown over their shoulder, 15 minutes after the event has already begun. Accidents do happen, but a professional Las Vegas corporate photographer should think ahead in order to handle potential problems so they can be on time.

When you are setting out, leave early. If traffic holds you back you will still be on time, and if you’re too early you can get great shots outside the venue and before it fills with people, offering your client a fresh new take on their event.

Use All Of Your Equipment

When you are rushing around a crowded event, it’s easy to forget that you have more than just a camera in your photography bag. Most Las Vegas photographers also have an off-camera flash, multiple lenses, and other tools available to them. Remember that you have these, and use them whenever you can to help get better shots.

Take All The Shots Requested Of You

Sure, you might not see the point in getting tons of general crowd shots or close-ups of the decorations, but the corporation is paying you to photograph their event. Whether it is an office party or a big conference, they hired a photographer because they wanted to capture the moment. Take that seriously. Communicate with the event planner in advance, and get a list of the shots they want so you can guarantee those photos delivered to them.

Being a Las Vegas photographer is full of ups and downs, but you can make a name for yourself when you work on trust first.



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