Creative Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Creative Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Creative Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

When someone says the word “portrait,” the image that comes to mind is the classic portrait of a carefully posed man or woman, smiling in a way that makes them look best. This style of a picture taken by a portrait photographer is iconic for a good reason. It looks good, and everybody wants it.


If you’re a portrait photographer pining for something a little different when you get a call from someone looking for a creative portrait photographer, it’s enough to get anyone excited. Don’t go too crazy with your wild ideas though—your client probably already has an idea of what they meant by a creative portrait photographer.

Your best bet is to give your client a chance to look at your portfolio. Chances are they’ll find a style they love, and then you’ll have a clear idea of what they had in mind for their Las Vegas photographer. That could mean shots out in the wilderness, or beautiful black and whites. If they’re looking for a photographer with a different look, however, don’t worry, you can still figure out what they want with great communication.

If they were hoping for a photographer with something more unusual up their sleeves, discuss what they want extensively. By asking a lot of questions, you can usually discover what it is they have in mind. Once you get a clear idea, you’ll be able to handle their photo shoot with ease.

If you really want to try something you think they will like, you can always take a couple of extra shots, but make sure you do those after you’ve done your best to meet their demands. If they don’t like it, you can add it to your portfolio for the next person who may just love it.

Being a Las Vegas photographer can sometimes be tricky, but good communication can often help bridge the gap. The next time you’re asked to be a creative portrait photographer, remember these tips.



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