Don’t Insert Yourself Into Narrative – Corporate Event Photographer

Don’t Insert Yourself Into Narrative – Corporate Event Photographer

Don’t Insert Yourself Into Narrative – Corporate Event Photographer

A corporate event photographer should be more concerned about taking shots of the events he is covering than mingling with people. This doesn’t imply that you should be rude to your subjects, but your focus should completely be at the event you are covering. After all, you can always discuss and mingle with attendees of a corporate event after the event.


When you start dividing your attention as a corporate event photographer, you are likely to miss some mind-blowing moments that your clients are expecting to see in your shots. So, as part of being professional, a corporate event photographer should focus more on taking shots of the event rather than mingling with attendees.

However, if you have any question you feel like asking some of the attendees you can always do that later. Also, try to establish a productive relationship with some of the attendees after the event not during the event.

One of the easiest ways as a corporate event photographer to establish a productive relationship is when you are approachable, friendly and positive. You don’t have to be rude for any reason, even when you are under pressure, still, try to be friendly. It will go a long way to help you establish a productive relationship that will earn you more business in the future.

As a rule, talk to people nicely and make some mild jokes. This will make you popular among your subjects and other attendees. Whenever you discuss nicely with an attendee in a corporate event, you are indirectly marketing your photography business.

Furthermore, make yourself very visible in a corporate event. In other words, attendees should know that you are in an event. After the event, try and be very professional when it time for you to network. Remember, the first impression is always the lasting impression. The way you present yourself will say a lot about you.



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