Event Photography Delivering Images in real time

Event Photography Delivering Images in real time


Delivering Images in real-time

After the event, the client would be expecting their photographs. Sometimes, immediately after the event. Things happen at corporate events very quickly and it is the job of the photographer to capture those moments as they occur.

Over the years, things have changed dramatically from when I first ventured into photography. Nowadays, the purpose of hiring a professional photographer to cover events has evolved greatly. Partly, due to the advent of social media and the urge for people to share their memories with the rest of the world and simply because times have changed and there are 101 reasons why people want images. It could be for marketing purposes, for advertising, for records, for preservation, or just about any other reason one could think of. The bottom line is, event photography is about getting it done right, right away.

Most clients want the photos on the go

Digitally, of course. As an event photographer, I understand why clients are obsessed with having the photographs on time. In some cases, just a day after the event. Ideally, most clients would appreciate if the photos could be posted on social media and the company’s website as the event is happening.

Well, I’d say that works for me. The sooner I get the images in front of the client, the better. People are motivated when they see the images closer to the event as opposed to a couple of days later.

Quick turnaround: how soon is realistic?

Some years ago, I’d say 3-4 days is a realistic time frame. But, as I said earlier, times have changed – and things apparently impossible a few years back are now a reality. Technology has made a lot of things possible: shooting and sharing in real-time is one of those things.

Camera innovations have been phenomenal. If you’re thinking speed, you’re thinking Wi-Fi Direct Connect. In addition to the technology that we use, every step of the workflow is so well thought out – from concept to implementation. Hence, we make the real-time publishing of your memorable moment’s a reality. We have come a long way – and our ability to shoot and share pictures instantly is here to stay.

Event Photography Delivering Images in real time
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Event Photography Delivering Images in real time
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