Event Photographers in Las Vegas

Event Photographers in Las Vegas

Event Photographers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas tends to be the convention capital of the United States. There are hundreds of conventions held in the city every year. Las Vegas event photographers make most of their money at these functions. Photographers can choose which conventions and/or events they wish to cover.

The events the Las Vegas event photographer can choose from can be huge. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the larger events a photographer could choose. They expect up to one hundred eighty-two thousand people each year. One of the smallest conventions is put on by the Tortilla industry. They expect two hundred seventy-three. Don’t knock the smaller conventions; they spend money just as well

The next question is how does the Las Vegas event photographer get a gig with the event and convention planners? Like any other photographer, they need to build a relationship with these planners. Part of that is knowing what they are going to do and what they are going to showcase. One example might be the Star Trek convention. The Las Vegas event photographer may be a Star Trek fan. Having knowledge about the entire sets of series as well as the movies and animated versions could help in building a relationship. The photographer has a common base with the planners. By the way, this convention offers the Las Vegas photographer fourteen thousand attendees who will want professional photographs with various cast members or costumed guests.

The Las Vegas event photographer should also carefully work on advertising for these conventions. For the tortilla industry convention, the photographer may want to have tortillas and/or tortilla chips in the advertising. For the Star Trek convention perhaps photos of scene props like badges, phasers or other items associated with the show.

No matter what the Las Vegas event photographer chooses they should always keep in mind that this is a gold mine. Doing things properly could make or break the photographer.



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