Family Portraits in Henderson, Nevada

Family Portraits in Henderson, Nevada

Family Portraits in Henderson, Nevada

In order to mix up our photoshoots, we offer families the opportunity to have their portraits taken in Henderson. The second-largest city in Nevada, Henderson is about 20 minutes from Las Vegas.  It has many beautiful spots and sceneries like the parks, natural landscape, and flora. With so much beauty in town, visitors will find the environment perfect for a family photoshoot during their getaway. As a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer, I think it’s important for local families to utilize local areas. Similarly, if a client from out of town wants something off the Strip, I think it’s neat showing them parts of town they wouldn’t normally see. 

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of beautiful spots scattered all over Henderson. So, we encourage our clients to choose any location that is convenient for them. But of course, we are happy to help find a suitable location if you’re finding it difficult deciding. The beauty of taking family portraits outside versus in a photography studio is the natural feel the photo has. There’s no doubt in my mind that photography studios produce incredible, perfectly lit photographs, but the studio feel carries over to the photograph. 

Communication as a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Communication is the bedrock of photography. Communication makes the picture clearer even before the actual photos are taken. We make it a habit to constantly remain in touch with our clients before, during, and after our photo sessions. And when we are on a shoot, we aren’t afraid to give directions to make the most of a photo session. 

Environment and Props as a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Sometimes, portraiture can be seen as a very boring type of photography, that’s so not how to go about it.

  • Wardrobe selection:

There really is nothing like bad clothing. It all depends on the purpose of the photographs. Though, anything that is too distracting or diverting like large prints or logos should be avoided. Other than that, everybody should wear what they are comfortable in and reflects their individual personalities.

Henderson ideas for family portraits

The fun of photographing family portrait is the flexibility and creativity it allows. Everybody has a hobby, everyday traits, and lifestyle, my job is to try and capture all these during the photo session to produce powerful memories.

Likewise, every family has one thing they all like to do together. It may be fishing, boating, playing football, or just lying on the fields watching the sunset. Imagine how beautiful it will be when those candid moments are captured on camera. People look the best on camera when they are doing what they love doing. And as a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer, I love capturing happy moments that make people smile. 



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