Helping Portrait Photographers Find An Outdoor Voice

Helping Portrait Photographers Find An Outdoor Voice

Helping Portrait Photographers Find An Outdoor Voice

Many portrait photographers enjoy doing outdoor shots. Crisp fall leaves, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, or a field of tulips provide stunning backdrops any photographer would love. Unfortunately, your subjects love these backdrops too, and that can lead to a high level of distraction.


Whether you have young children constantly scurrying off, large families, or even just a couple deeply in love, getting everyone’s attention is a common struggle for portrait photographers. If you find your portrait sessions dragging on longer than they should have, here are some tips on how to find your outdoor voice.

Don’t be afraid to shout!

We often associate shouting with anger, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep it cheerful, and your booming voice will both keep it positive and get the attention you need at the same time. Sometimes a loud noise is all a photographer needs to get everyone looking at once, and if that means shouting, do it.

Add a shot of energy

Your clients will pick up on how you feel about a situation. If the portrait photographer is bored, you know the people being posed certainly will be too. Adding some energy to your tone can help things feel more excited, and get more cooperation.

Add some praise

Many people are insecure about how they look on camera. Adding a little praise to let them know things are going well can give them the confidence to pay attention and be more cooperative. They hired a portrait photographer to get these shots, and communication can help them build confidence.

Las Vegas photographers are abundant, and people who are searching for a great photographer to take their portraits have many choices. If you want to be the one referred by clients to their friends and family, take the time to practice every detail—including your voice.



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