Why Hire a Pro Photographer?

Why Hire a Pro Photographer?

Why hire a professional photographer?

You would hire a professional photographer for the same reason you’d hire a professional mechanic to work on your car, or a professional landscaper to fix your lawn. Photography, like landscaping or the automotive industry, is a trade. Anyone can use a point-and-shoot to capture an image, but it takes a lot of practice to utilize a technical camera to capture the perfect image. Like a grease monkey who spends his Saturday afternoons tuning up their muscle car, professional photographers are intently editing and learning new skills to make the most of their photographs. Being a professional doesn’t mean wearing a suit and tie at all hours, it means being passionate about your trade and making the most out of every moment for a client. So why hire a professional photographer?

5 reasons to hire a professional photographer

1 – Photography is not *just* about the camera: Anyone with money can go out and buy an expensive camera, and equipment is certainly a factor when it comes to high quality photos, but the camera isn’t everything. To make the most out of your camera, you have to dedicate hours of practice, and you have to enjoy what you do. Professionalism isn’t limited to appearance and the way you handle clients, it’s about personality and drive to commit yourself to something you love.

2 – Experience: We’ve all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect,” and that’s because it’s pretty true. While ‘perfect’ is subjective and nothing can always be 100% perfect in someone’s eyes, it’s important to strive for perfection–especially in the field of photography. Christian Purdie Photography recently hit one million photos, and our lead photographer Christian has been a photographer for over 20 years. You can give your cousin Mikey a cell phone to get pictures of your wedding, but in almost every case hiring a professional will result in better results.

3 – Professional photographers are storytellers: There’s more to photography than the image that is captured on a camera. What’s the story behind the image? What caused you to take a certain photograph? Can your images create a narrative? These are a few of the questions that professional photographers ask themselves when going out for a shoot. An image can look pretty, but it’s more meaningful when it includes thought and passion.

4 – We’ve dealt with problems before: Have you ever been on a headshot assignment that requires flash, and forgotten all your batteries? Did you allot time for shots in front of a certain area, and then get told “You can’t shoot here,” by security? It would be absurd to claim we’ve never run into any obstacles while shooting, which is why we don’t do that. But, with years of photography experience under our belt, we’ve got the entire photography process down to a science. We’ve made mistakes in the past so we don’t make them again in the future.

5 – The pro’s touch: The editing process is an important part of hiring a professional photographer. Just like we use professional equipment, we also use professional editing software.

Frugality is important in this world, and while we completely understand the necessity of saving money, skimping out on hiring a professional to document an important event is not the best decision. Consider hiring a professional an investment.



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