Keep Parking In Mind When You Work As A Photographer

Keep Parking In Mind When You Work As A Photographer

Keep Parking In Mind When You Work As A Las Vegas Tradeshow Photographer

There was one point in time where everything felt right in the immediate world around you. Gas prices were cheap, areas weren’t gentrified with corny yoga studios and over-priced juice bars, and–most importantly–parking was free. That Las Vegas has disappeared, unfortunately, and the new Las Vegas may be hard for a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer to manage.

Parking has changed from a courtesy for guests to help them enjoy their stay better, to yet another method of extracting money from innocent guests—and that includes an unsuspecting Las Vegas tradeshow photographer.

If you arrive at the tradeshow late, or even on time for the event itself, you may find yourself circling the parking lot for hours just trying to find a free space. The parking that’s suitable for a hotel under normal circumstances is generally inadequate when it’s hosting a huge conference. Parking is often at a premium, and late is late to a customer regardless of how it happened. Clients have certain expectations from a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer, and being on time is one of those things.

Expect to pay a premium for that coveted parking spot also, and make sure that your fees are enough to cover parking as well as your time and skills. While $15 might not seem much, it can really add up if you work as a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer regularly.

Las Vegas photographers are lucky in many ways. You’ll never have a better selection of tradeshows to shoot. Unfortunately, the beauty of being a Las Vegas photographer is somewhat dulled by the pressures of parking in this super busy city.

If you’re a photographer that wants to include tradeshows in their career, parking is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Always arrive early for tradeshows, and you’ll be the photographer they ask for the next time they are looking for someone to shoot their booth.



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