Las Vegas Event Photographer – Multiple People on Staff

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Multiple People on Staff

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Multiple People on Staff

We travel with a team of around 4 people when we go shoot an event. Typically we have two photographers, an assistant, and a videographer. The lead photographer will capture the most important photos, while the associate photographer will take candid shots of people going about their business. The videographer records video that can be shared with family, or posted on the internet for all to see until the end of time.


The Las Vegas event photographer realizes that quality photography goes beyond providing a visual record of an event. It should capture important and beautiful moments during the event and also be able to tell a story to those who couldn’t attend the event. Most photographers have on their team, a couple of people who help them in bringing out these beautiful moments in the course of the vent and after the event in the post-production process. They are able you communicate and discuss with their assistant as to what the goal or desire they should strive to achieve. The assistant during the course of the event aids the main photographer in ensuring that everything is in place and ready for a perfect shoot process. The assistant helps the photographers remember those little things that may be lost in the course of looking at the big picture. He could also help the photographer scout where the event would take place and in the process aid the photographer in deciding what kind of equipment would be needed during the event to provide the perfect lighting for a quality picture. The Las Vegas event photographer knows that most times his assistants are apprentice who is learning to ply the trade of photography and learn from his experience. He chooses his assistant carefully and goes for the people who have flair for photography and have value to offer to his profession.

The Las Vegas event photographer has an assistant who keeps things tidy during the event. The professional photographer focuses on the important and beautiful moments during the event or the moment specifically asked by the subject to be captioned. He obviously realizes he can’t be everywhere to cover each section of the event, so he relies on his assistant to cover other sections of the event that would make for a good story. His assistant could also help in post-production of the photos. They would be expected to catalog and profile digital files to san film and to assist in image manipulation, editing, and enhancement. Event photography isn’t rocket science, it is art, imagination and to a very large extent preparation and organization. By delegating a bit of work to their assistant and focusing on the most important task, the Las Vegas event photographer avoids burning out during the event; he is able to keep up his energy and enthusiasm during the course of shooting the event. Finally and importantly the assistant helps set everything up to make sure everything runs smoothly during and after an event.



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