Food Photography That Sells

Food Photography That Sells

Food photography that sells

People like to visualize things. Almost every thought in the mind has some kind of physical image that remains us of them. We certainly react in one way or another to what we see. Hence, food photography is an important part of commercial photography, with players in the hospitality industry looking to take advantage of inserting high-resolution photos of menu items in the design. When done right, it forces your customers into action, and the sales only increase from there. It could be as a result of curiosity to get a taste of it, or outright necessary. Whichever does not matter. Indeed, that’s the point of advertising in the first place.

We have worked with restaurants, chefs, food service providers, publishers, magazines, and newspapers, and we can confidently say food photography is an important element of your brand aesthetics if you operate within the hospitality industry. But it must be done tastefully and with professionalism.

Companies who seek to be ‘transparent’ by having a food photographer do the job by having food that is actually served in the restaurant and not stock photos tend to do better with their effort to incorporate photography into their menu design. This way, customers are actually getting what they bargained for and not something else. And it shows the consistency of your brand.

In essence, hiring an experienced, and professional food photographer is the first and crucial step towards ensuring you have photography that actually sells. You not only get the job done, but you ensure there are no shabby executions that would leave you with less turnover than before.

Food photography: Can you do it yourself?

Everybody can do anything they want themselves, but there are some things that are better left for others to do. Above all, food photography is one of them. For instance, our approach to depicting cuisines and menu item are markedly different.

For cuisine: we tend to zoom in and offer close up view. Making sure it is artistically styled and more abstract. After all, a diner is presumably looking for the kind of food to eat – Italian, Chinese, and the likes.

For menu items: we prefer a zoomed out photo to capture size, portion, and texture. A diner is thinking about a specific dish and ready to eat. It’s brilliant to have the “about to eat” perspective in this case.

Generally, we are aware of the need to keep things original with all our food photographs. Diners know what’s realistic and that’s what appeals most to them. Rather than what looks like it was staged. Food Photography… Mmmmm… Tasty…



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Food Photography That Sells
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Food Photography That Sells
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