Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Corporate Headshots

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Corporate Headshots

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer | Corporate Headshots

One of the most common types of jobs you will do as a Las Vegas headshot photographer is the corporate headshot. Corporate headshots are a particular type of headshot that is used by businesses, corporations and other professionals in order to highlight and showcase their professional workforce. If you haven’t yet worked your first corporate headshot sessions, consider the following to get a better understanding of how they work and how best to prepare for them.

What to Expect

Corporate headshots are typically done in large batches due to the corporation’s desire to have everything done as quickly as possible. As a photographer, you will be expected to provide a simple yet professional background as per your customer’s request; you will see each subject for a few moments while you pose and direct them on a chair; then you will take their photograph. Think of corporate headshots as a professional assembly line: you take a photo, they leave, someone else comes in, you take the photo, etc.

How to Prepare

The best way to prepare for corporate headshots is to show up to the session venue early and have everything ready to go the moment that your client arrives; corporate clients are particular about time management, so this will help you stay on their good side. You can set up lighting gear, tripods, and other essential equipment well before the session begins to save time and stress.

Another factor to consider when preparing for corporate headshots is the background. Ask your client if they have a particular background in mind so that you can be prepared when your session starts; you don’t want the session to start, only to have to tell them that you don’t have that background on hand!



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