Las Vegas Headshot Photographer Don’t Forget to Smile

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer Don’t Forget to Smile

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer Don’t Forget to Smile

If you flip through your family photo album there is something you might want to look for. That would be all of the people in it who feel like they have to look somber and stoic in the shots. Your Las Vegas headshot photographer would like to remind you not to forget to smile. A photographer doesn’t mind having a few stoic pictures but not every single shot.

There are a lot of reasons people don’t smile in photographs and the Las Vegas headshot photographer is aware of them. The photographer knows that some people were trained to look serious when they have their picture taken. The Las Vegas headshot photographer has also seen his or her share of people, both young and older, who wear braces. The photographer may even remember when braces were huge, clunky metallic things.

The Las Vegas headshot photographer is aware of other mouth issues. The photographer has taken plenty of shots of people who have stained, crooked or even missing teeth. All of these issues are real and they can make folks look better. The key is they have to smile.

Many people think this is a guy thing but the Las Vegas headshot photographer will know that there are plenty of women and sometimes even children who don’t want to smile for the camera. The photographer has heard many times that people don’t want to smile because they don’t think they have a nice smile.

What you may not realize is that a smile is a much more inviting look than a closed mouth somber look. This is especially important if you plan on using the headshots for things like social media, web sites and/or business cards. Even if you don’t like your teeth or your smile you will get more positive feedback if you go ahead and do it.



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