Las Vegas Headshot Photographer - How much does a headshot cost?

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer - How much does a headshot cost?

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer – How much does a headshot cost?

With the increasing number of professionals trying to create the first impression with their visuals, you will need a Las Vegas headshot Photographer to produce that stunning headshot that can make you stand out. Before paying for that headshot, you will want to know what you are getting in return.  Check out some factors to consider before paying for that headshot.


Like any other service in the city, a seasoned Las Vegas professional photographer will likely charge higher rates than upcoming photographers. Still, in need of reviews, budding photographers in the city usually charge lower rates in order to get jobs and build their profile. Generally, photographers don’t need any particular certificate before operating. While some photographers do gain experience from passion and interest in photography, some are products of passion, interest and photography schools. Definitely, these factors will impact the rate.

Type of Headshot

Before asking how much does a headshot cost, visualize the value of the type of headshot you want.  Modeling, glamour, actor and professional headshots are all seen in a unique way. The preparation, setting and even gadgets needed for that particular headshot you want will go a long way in answering your question. While a computer engineer might be cool in a simple headshot, a model will want something glamorous and fascinating.

Number of Headshots

The number of headshots to be taken will also determine the pricing of your photographer. If you are looking forward to just professional headshots, then you may not need to pay additional rates for changing of background, booking a photo shoot with longer hours and multiple sessions that a glamour headshot need to achieve the desired outlook.

Length of Headshot Photography Session

Usually, the length of most sessions is around an hour. However, some types of headshot like modeling and acting need more time to experiment with poses, lighting, and looks. This usually requires more editing and different backgrounds which lengthens the duration. If you want your photos quickly, you may need to pay a Las Vegas professional photographer more as the rate of rush orders are usually higher than usual photo sessions in the city.


Before asking how much does a headshot cost, take note of your location. Elite areas with high cost of living will definitely have higher headshot rates compared to downtown or general areas. If you want your headshots at a distant location, your photographer may need to increase the rate to cover the cost of transportation. These factors will surely affect the rate charged by a professional  Las Vegas headshot photographer.

Makeup and Hair

It can be tricky tackling hair and makeup on your own.  To have stunning headshots, you may consider hiring a makeup and hair specialist. This will definitely add up on your headshot cost.

Photo Editing

Some types of headshots need some professional editing to produce the desired appearance. Models and actors can go for photo retouching to have that glamour their sphere is known for. Getting a Las Vegas headshot photographer for such added service may cost some extra bucks.



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