Las Vegas Headshot Photographer - How to Light a Headshot

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer - How to Light a Headshot

Las Vegas Headshot Photographer – How to Light a Headshot

There are lots of articles available online that tends to teach on how to light a headshot photo; this range from several lighting tutorials to some incredibly complex light set-ups that comes through natural lightings. In Las Vegas headshot photography, lighting could tell the difference if you would be paid or not; there are lots of rude photographers around.

Most times, these articles miss the most important part of lighting – who they are photographing and where. I do headshot photograph for a varied number of people routinely, and most times the styles that work for an actor will not work for a CEO. And since Las Vegas is a diverse community with varied walks-of-life, getting this right would stand you out as a good photographer.

Lighting setups are simple examples of our photographic eyes; it is something that needs to be developed, and this is personal to your kind of vision. It is also based on the skill of the Las Vegas headshot photographer making the headshot photo. Lighting has a significant impact on how an image appears hence it is most important that attention should be given to it.

Aside from some personal shots, lightings should not be overwhelming, that is, your client should not feel discomfort because of your lighting, and sometimes, you can end up having too much light for a headshot.

For a start, you should use one light, one reflector set-up that should be unobtrusive to the subject; this one is very easy to get, usually with a large oactabox modifier which can be used to produce high intensifying lights for the headshots. A good Las Vegas headshot photographer should have tools like this for a perfect shot.

The light should be kept high, and then you enter from the left or right, quite close to the client. To get some shadow in it, you should lose the reflector a little extreme, taking around to the black side.

Also, you can make a variation to the information above by bringing an overhead behind where you take the shot; there should be a reflector on the floor to make a bit of bounce and soften the shadows.

In Las Vegas, lighting would make a lot of difference because we have different professionals who would need a headshot. for clients that are actors, you would want to do something a little different to make them stand out from other clients; then you can shoot some shots from the light ring; the ring light is a cheap piece of kit that gives a striking result.

Finally, you can have a listen that does not need any kit. All you need to do is a scout for the right time of the day. Look for a doorway and allow the subject to be out of direct sunlight. Once you get the perfect spot, ensure to locate another, sometimes, shadows may affect the picture, and you may want a change of location. The best photographer would do all it takes to get the perfect lighting for your headshot.

Whatever set-up you decide to use, the perfect lighting is needed to get that perfect headshot; also, do not prevent your artistic eye from doing your job. Ensure it is simple and be focused on getting your subject to life.



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