Las Vegas Photographer - The Gear You Will Need

Las Vegas Photographer - The Gear You Will Need

Las Vegas Photographer – The Gear You Will Need

Working as a Las Vegas portrait photographer will land you in a host of different working environments. One of the most common places you’ll be working as a Las Vegas photographer is a corporate event; corporate events are typically held in hotels or conference centers, which provide ample space for events of this nature. As a photographer, you need to head into every working space as prepared as possible, which is why we’ve compiled this list of essential photographer gear you’ll want to break with you to every corporate event. After all, no photographer wants to be trying to navigate the maze-like hotel with all their gear only to realize they forgot something essential!


You should travel with multiple—yes, multiple!—tripods to your corporate event. As any Las Vegas portrait photographer knows, these types of events will require multiple set-ups, and it never hurts to have back-ups just in case something goes awry or your original tripod just doesn’t fit the bill. We prefer to bring three tripods to standard corporate events.

Flash boxes

Don’t forget your flash boxes! For our Las Vegas photographer services, we typically bring two Westcott flash boxes which are more than adequate for a corporate event.

External flashes

This is one of the most important things to remember as a Las Vegas portrait photographer working corporate events: always bring external flashes! You never know the lighting inside the space you’ll be working, and sometimes there may not be adequate natural or even artificial lighting to get great shots. These external flashes will be a lifesaver in a low light situation. We typically bring three external flashes for our corporate event photographer jobs.


Naturally, you’ll need to bring a variety of lenses to ensure that you can take the best photos possible. Bringing multiple lenses allows you to change them as necessary depending on the lighting, layout of the room, and other factors.


Batteries are the #1 thing you’ll regret not bringing if you happen to forget them in your gear! When working as a Las Vegas portrait photographer for any corporate event, make sure you pack plenty of batteries. It’s better to have some extra weight in your bags on the way up to the convention space than to need a battery in the middle of an event and have to tell your client you need to run out and grab one.

A final note: don’t forget your multi-tool! This will come in handy for any Las Vegas portrait photographer job since you never know when you’ll need one.



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