Las Vegas Photographer Undercover

Las Vegas Photographer Undercover

Las Vegas Photographer Undercover

You want to surprise your spouse, family, wife or for your event and you need a photographer to secretly and neatly capture the moment? We are available to be your Las Vegas undercover photographer. We love to call it “ninja” mode photography where we take photographs of you unaware of giving you that “oh! Is that how I look when I smile? “. We have been hired to secretly take pictures of individuals at events without revealing they are or who we are or who hired us and we adhere to it so we don’t get to blow the cover. We have disguised and we blend with the environment to give no signal of any coverage within the set location and during the action.


The essence of the undercover photographer is to bring out the raw emotions in the events or situations when you least expected it. The requests for undercover photography are usually for proposals and we really allow our clients to enjoy the moments without noticing our presence within the vicinity. We allow our clients to enjoy the moments while letting your guard down, we take pictures of your natural emotions such as laughs, smiles, surprise. We can also place a special focus on any individual suggested with no drawn attention to the team.

Mostly, some of the best emotional experience captured are as a result of undercover photography. The emotions are rich with lots of facial expressions and the body language which cannot be interpreted with just words but with top quality images that would be captured by the undercover photographer. We reveal the hidden emotions through our creative quality images and our undercover photography team will make sure that you have the desired reactions in photos and footage if and when needed.



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