Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Choosing an Outfit

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Choosing an Outfit

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Choosing an Outfit

If you are a Las Vegas portrait photographer, you must get used to the idea of suggesting outfits and outfit themes for your clients. There will be many situations where you are taking photographs of people in a variety of different clothing styles, whether they are having senior portraits taken, are looking to boost their fashion model portfolio, want a creative photo for their own personal use, or simply need professional photography done for their clothing or other retail brand. If you are inexperienced at choosing outfits for photo shoots, however, you may be wondering how you can make the best suggestions. The following are 3 tips that will help you be better at choosing and suggesting outfits for your clients.

Consider your client’s goals for the photoshoot

First, think about the goals of your client for this photoshoot. Are they looking for something ethereal and romantic? Something gritty and down to earth? Something fun and bright? The overall tone and goal will help you on your way to making those clothing suggestions. For example, clients who want ethereal photos will look better in clothing that is free-flowing and made from light materials, such as organza and tulle; whereas clothing that is fun and bright can be made from stiffer and more colorful materials.

Suggest outfits that complement the environment

Another thing to consider is the environment of the photos themselves. You should look for clothing that complements the environment. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean “matching.” For instance, long, flowing gowns can look excellent in desert settings due to the contrast between the neutral colors of desert sand and shrubbery and the light gown itself.

Avoid sticking out (unless it’s for artistic reasons)

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to avoid suggesting clothing that sticks out or doesn’t seem like it belongs, unless you are doing so on purpose for artistic reasons. For example, a full tie and suit would be a silly choice for a desert photo shoot because wearing a full suit in the desert is strange and impractical. However, for artistic purposes, this does create an interesting contrast between the heat and wildness of the desert and the business-like nature of the suit.

For best results, consult with your client about their needs in order to find the best clothing option for you.



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