Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Outfits

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Outfits

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer – Outfits

Most of the time, working as a Las Vegas photographer is all about meeting client expectations and requests, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t lend your photographer expertise to helping clients make better decisions for their photoshoots. And as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, there will be plenty of times when your client will need a nudge in the right direction to create memorable and distinctive photos.


Give them a heads-up about color schemes.

If the location of the shoot or the backdrops for your Las Vegas photographer studio has certain color schemes, it’s best to let the client know before they show up for your Las Vegas headshot photographer services. This way, they can pick an outfit that complements the color scheme rather than clashing against it; this can also help clients avoid colors that will become muted or blended if they are too similar to the shoot location. It can be easy to overlook little details, but when you’re working as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, even a small note about the color could mean the difference for a client’s outfit standing out in a great way or clashing terribly.

Encourage clients to wear something a bit more creative (if appropriate)

Sometimes as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, you’ll be taking headshots and portraits that are meant to be standard and subdued. Business portraits and professional website portraits, for instance, don’t leave much wiggle room for being creative or daring. But for personal portraits, family portraits, senior photos and other similar shoots that you’ll be doing plenty of while working as a Las Vegas photographer, you can definitely encourage clients to choose something more fun. A great outfit with a creative side to it—such as bold color or unique accessory—can make for very memorable photos.

Final Thoughts

You will come across many different portrait style clients as a Las Vegas headshot photographer; if you take just a minute or two to make outfit recommendations or give advice that will help a client choose a better outfit, you’ll be doing them—and you!—a great favor.



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