Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Shooting Outdoors Pt. 1

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Shooting Outdoors Pt. 1

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer – Shooting Outdoors Pt. 1

Shooting outdoors will eventually be second nature to any Las Vegas photographer, but if you’re new to shooting outdoors or you just don’t have enough experience to be comfortable with handling it on your own yet, then you’re in luck: this handy 2-part guide will give you solid advice about shooting outdoors as a Las Vegas headshot photographer.


Use nature’s colors to your advantage

Nature has stunning colors that are just waiting to be complemented in your Las Vegas headshot photographer work. The first thing you should do when scoping out any natural location is looking at all the colors around you. Which colors stand out? Which colors may create an intriguing and complementary foil to your client? For instance, if you head out to Red Rock, you’ll find stunning deep red mountains that can do wonders when paired with red outfits.

Be prepared for the weather

Weather can be unpredictable, which is why shooting outdoors can be a challenge for any Las Vegas headshot photographer. The best thing you can do when planning an outdoor photo shoot is to be prepared for the weather. For non-threatening weather, there is the option of using the weather to your advantage; for instance, a client may not object to a rainy-day photoshoot as long as you can capture some interesting photos. For weather that will keep you indoors, you will need to work with clients to either reschedule, reshoot indoors that same day, or refund if neither option is acceptable.

Don’t be afraid to focus on nature

One of the things that make many a beginner Las Vegas headshot photographer anxious is the thought that the natural background will overwhelm and overshadow the subjects of their photographs. But while the client should be the focus of most of the photos, you shouldn’t be afraid as a Las Vegas headshot photographer of focusing on nature for at least a few of them. Try taking at least a few photos where you focus on nature in the foreground while blurring out the subject in the background. The end result is dramatic, awesome, and probably something your client will want to post so social media ASAP.

Final Thoughts

Shooting outdoors may be a daunting task, but as a photographer, you’ve got to rise to the challenge. Remember to plan ahead in case of adverse weather and don’t be afraid to bring the focus back to nature once in a while.



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