Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Shooting Outdoors Pt. 2

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Shooting Outdoors Pt. 2

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer – Shooting Outdoors Pt. 2

Shooting outdoors is one of the most common things you’ll be requested to do as a Las Vegas headshot photographer. People love to take photos outside, whether it’s for a wedding, baby announcement, birthday, senior portrait, family portrait or simply wanting some great photos taken. As a Las Vegas photographer, you need to know how to take advantage of the outside world around you to create memorable and engaging photos. This second part in our 2-part shooting outdoors guide will help you learn more tips and tricks for shooting outdoors as a Las Vegas headshot photographer.


Ask your subject to interact with what’s around them

Static photoshoots can look pretty boring on film, which is why it’s highly recommended that you encourage your subjects to interact with the natural world around them. There are many ways to do this as a photographer and especially as a Las Vegas photographer. For instance, if there is any snow in the area, have them pick up the snow and blow on the snow in their hands; this will create a whimsical effect that looks great on film. If you’re a Las Vegas headshot photographer and you’re headed out into a desert location, you can do something similar withstand—have them hold the stand and let it fall from their hands, like a natural hourglass.

Don’t be afraid of props

Any Las Vegas headshot photographer knows that photo shoots can be made better with props—and outdoor photo shoots are no exception. Props that complement the landscape for the photoshoot are a great way to add an interesting dynamic to a photograph. For instance, if you’re a Las Vegas headshot photographer and the subject is out in the desert, look for objects that complement a desert aesthetic; this can include things such as a dreamcatcher, a desert flower bouquet, or for more daring clients, (legal!) animal skulls.

Final Thoughts

Shooting outdoors can be a great way to take memorable, engaging and well-loved photographs. Remember to work with the natural world around you and don’t be afraid to plan ahead with some interesting props!



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