Tradeshow Photographer: Photographing trade booths

Tradeshow Photographer: Photographing trade booths

Photographing trade booths

Tradeshows are all about the experience and I am an experienced tradeshow photographer. A lively tradeshow has a lot of music, artistic installations, mascots, lightings and vibrant, interactive trade booths and as an exhibitor at a tradeshow, you will want your visitors to remember your booth, after which you would want them to engage with your product and services. So, how do you create a successful first impression?

Tradeshow Photographer

Trade booths are an architectural piece or, they should be. If yours are not aesthetic, you’re definitely missing out on a chance to showcase your creativity, professionalism, and instill confidence in your business. The more clients or people you get to talk to at the trade show, the more business or sales you could possibly close. And finally…

Showcase your booth. Get the word out

We have worked with many clients at trade show events. A great number of them mostly during the event itself – which is usually the case for first timers doing business with us. But from experience, the trade exhibition effectively starts some few days before the official opening. The hunt for potential clients starts days before the events, with photography, we help you lead the hunt.

We understand businesses are present at trade shows to help build leads, which in turn results in actual sales. There is every possibility that the recurring clients are present at these events, as well as potential clients. We help potential and current customers locate your business earlier and easily – days before the event proper. How?

Through the power photos and social media

With our knowledge of business and customer behavior, we get the good news of your business out on social platforms to create awareness and let new and potential customers know that you and your business are going to be present at the forthcoming trade show or exhibition. Your trade booth matters a lot to your business in this regard.

Having pictures of your trade booth out on the internet do you and your customers a lot of justice. Potential customers would be curious to know what you are about seeing they have come across your unique trade booth on the internet and from flyers or posters. Photography gives you a head start on your competitors and visitors would definitely seek you out for having a good first impression on them.



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