Leave Your Creativity At The Door?

Leave Your Creativity At The Door?

Are You A Las Vegas Corporate Photographer? Leave Your Creativity At The Door

Performing as a Las Vegas Corporate Photographer isn’t always the most interesting job in the world. The CEO of the business you are shooting for probably doesn’t really care about the creativity that you employ in your photography. They are focused on doing what they do best—running their business—and hiring you as their Las Vegas Corporate Photographer is part of running that business.

When you accept a job for a corporation, you can still be creative, but make sure you get all the standard shots out of the way before trying for something special. The story you tell with your photos should be their story, not necessarily the story of their office ferns or wall decorations.

In order to get all of the shots the corporation had in mind when they hired a Las Vegas Corporate Photographer, ask them for a shot list before the photo shoot begins. With a shot list, you’ll know exactly what it is they are hoping to receive, and you’ll be able to nail those shots before playing around with different angles.

Remember these shots will probably be used on social media or the business website, so they need to be photos that will fit in on these sites, and be easily recognizable. While a close up of someone’s hands might be beautiful and even artistic, they probably won’t tell you much about an intense business meeting.

If you can, arrive early as well. This will give you a chance to look around and take practice shots to your heart’s content before taking the shots that matter. Many Las Vegas corporate photographers make it a point to arrive before anyone else so they can take venue shots at important events.

Being a photographer isn’t just about taking great pictures. It’s also important to know what the client who hired you is looking for in a photo and delivering it. There are plenty of Las Vegas photographers out there who can take photos, but the photographers that can take the photos clients want are the ones that will be invited back.

If you want to be that Las Vegas photographer, stay focused and follow these tips.



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