Portrait Photography - It's More than Just a Photo

Portrait Photography - It's More than Just a Photo

Portrait Photography – It’s More than Just a Photo

Portrait photography is all about the face of the person in the picture. The best Las Vegas portrait photographer will carefully take photographs of a person’s distinctive facial features while capturing the person’s personality, identity, and attitude. There is more to portrait photography than just capturing the picture of somebody. Portrait photography is the artistic representation of a person’s attitude.  

Portrait photography is more than just a photo of a person’s face. It is about capturing the true essence of a person’s identity and attitude that he/she wants the world to see. This means that the portrait photographer has serious work to do. The best Las Vegas photographers must know how best to work with clients and cameras to shoot the perfect picture. 

The portrait photograph must be carefully planned and rehearsed with the client prior to the time of the shooting. The background of the picture, the outfit, position of the client, and the angle of the photograph should be planned before the photoshoot.  

A good quality picture speaks more than a thousand words. Portraits are created because we want to say something about the person and to establish a connection. The best portrait photographer should be able to tell a story with the picture of the client. He must understand the simple tips and techniques for taking good portrait photography.

A portrait photograph should be all about the person not how they look. A picture ceases to be a portrait the moment it becomes about makeup, the hair, a prop, or a post-processing style. It has become a fashion or a movie poster picture. 

We understand that in portrait photography technique is more important than tools. A good photo is not always about the cameras, lenses, and light, it is how you make use of them.  

The different approaches to adopt in Portrait Photography

There are four types of approaches that can be adopted in portrait photography. These are – creative, environmental, candid, and constructionist. The photographer will determine the type of approach to use based on the portrait to be taken. 


The creative approach involves the use of digital software to add creative effects to a portrait. The photographer will shot the photo in the traditional way and then add special elements during the editing phase.


The environmental approach is when the portrait is taken in an environment that speaks more about the person’s profession or identity. An example of an ecological approach is to take the portrait of a doctor inside a hospital with the stethoscope hanging over the client’s neck. 


It was mentioned above that a portrait should be planned. But a candid approach is when the client is captured without notice. In the candid portrait, every other thing will be planned except the exact time the picture will be snapped. The candid approach is used when the photographer wants to capture the true essence of the client.


The constructionist approach to portrait photography involves the building of emotion and the atmosphere. The photographer through the use of lighting, body language, and the background conveys an emotion or passes a message. 



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