Pricing for a Las Vegas Event Photographer

Pricing for a Las Vegas Event Photographer

Pricing for a Las Vegas Event Photographer

Las Vegas event photographers at Christian Purdie Photography Studios have three set event prices. For one hour the cost is three hundred dollars. A one-hour photography package could be for short events such as a birthday party, family photos and other events that take an hour or less. The Las Vegas event photographers at Christian Purdie pride themselves on doing a good and professional job.

For two hours the cost is five hundred dollars. The Las Vegas event photographers would be shooting slightly longer events. The photographers might be doing a wedding, someone’s first communion or bar/bat mitzvahs. They may also include events such as Quinceaneras, graduation exercises and other medium-sized events. If you need a Las Vegas event photographer for any of these events Christian Purdie Event Photographers is the place to turn.

Some events are a lot longer than two hours or they are more or less open-ended. These events are often hosted by businesses and include both events and conventions. The Las Vegas event photographer at an event may be taking photographs of team building events. These events can be a lot of fun for the photographer, especially if they involve activities like scavenger hunts. The cost of these events is five hundred dollars for five hours. For longer shoots, Christian Purdie Photography Studies is willing to negotiate a price. They are competitive in this area.

For all of your photography needs the best place to go for Las Vegas event photography is Christian Purdie Photography Studios. Their team of expert photographers will make sure that family memories are kept, important life events are well covered and businesses get the photographs they need to mark special events. Give them a call to schedule your next photography event. You won’t be disappointed.



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