Shooting The CES Convention | Event Photographer

Shooting The CES Convention | Event Photographer

Shooting The CES Convention

There are few events bigger for a Las Vegas Tradeshow photographer than CES. CES is a big tech event showcasing over 4,500 different companies, and the new technologies they are offering to the world.

The eye-popping array of new technologies is enough to make any Las Vegas tradeshow photographer feel the need to shoot everything in the event, but that could be a critical mistake. After all, the company who hired you probably didn’t ask you to come to the event in order to shoot everyone else’s stuff. They hired a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer in order to tell their company’s personal story.

You need to put being a professional Las Vegas tradeshow photographer over your personal desire to photograph all that fantastic tech, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see everything. Get there early, and do a quick walkthrough of the location. By doing so, you can map out all the places you want to photograph before heading toward your booth.

Chances are you’ll be stuck at that booth and may feel extremely bored, but you can entertain yourself by remembering all the wonderful things you will shoot—once your time at the booth is over. In the meantime, stay focused, and get the shot list your customer requested from their Las Vegas tradeshow photographer.

CES has many wonderful opportunities for a Las Vegas photographer, and the photographers invited to shoot there are some of the luckiest on Earth. If you’re invited to shoot CES, it’s important to stay professional, and stay with your booth the entire time you are being paid to shoot it.

When you present your customer with shots that are exactly what they had in mind, you’ll probably be the photographer they choose to invite to shoot CES again and get to continue seeing all the amazing technology the future has to look forward to. It pays to be a great Las Vegas photographer, and that means being professional no matter what.



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