Things You Need To Know About Senior Pictures | Portrait Photographer

Things You Need To Know About Senior Pictures | Portrait Photographer

Things You Need To Know About Senior Pictures

Being a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I know a lot of information about taking senior portrait pictures. A high school is a place where you want to express yourself and document all the memories you can. The moment comes and goes so fast that if you don’t take quick notice, you might have to deal with losing an opportunity of documenting some of the best moments in your life. High school was definitely a lot of fun, albeit rough times could show up every now and then. Having a lasting memory of that period will give you a feel about all the fun you had, even after that time is long gone. I have taken a lot of senior pictures as a Las Vegas portrait photographer and I can definitely see the rollercoaster of emotions when taking these shots.


One thing I have also learned as a Las Vegas portrait photographer is to always remind my subject to bring things that have sentimental value to them along to the shoot. Also, in order to get the best and sincere emotions from subjects, you have to remind them that in a couple of years, they will no longer be a high school student.

In my job as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I have had to always to always remind my senior subjects that the good times don’t last forever and they have to make the best out of that moment. In a few years, all they can look back to is that photo and they will cherish the moment. My experience as a Las Vegas photographer has made me realize some things and compiled a few tips on things to always consider when taking senior portrait photography.

One of the most important factors is the location. When it comes to selecting a location, make it a location that carries a memory for the subject. A location that has a meaning behind it, as this will create lasting memories that will be cherished forever. Another important factor is lighting. Opting for natural light is cool most times. The look of a natural lit shot goes well with subjects.

Lastly, have a concept behind every senior portrait photo shoot. It might be a design or something cool that has a significant meaning to the subject. It’s always a fun shoot this way.



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