Tips for Las Vegas Trade Show Photographers

Tips for Las Vegas Trade Show Photographers

Shooting Booths Inside – Tips for Las Vegas Trade Show Photographers

Being a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer is plagued with issues. Many tradeshows are fully indoors, with little to no natural light. While that’s not a problem for the people flocking to the event, it’s a big problem for the photographers they hire to take photos of the booth. While most Las Vegas tradeshow photographers know that the photos won’t look as good without natural light or studio lighting, your client is probably blissfully unaware.


This can create big problems when the client sees their photos, and they don’t match up to expectations. You can help by meeting with the client before the event, and explaining your lighting needs. If the client agrees, they may allow you to set up an external flash in the booth.

This can be somewhat problematic on its own. Events are crowded affairs, and while you’ll be one lucky Las Vegas trade show photographer to get lighting, you’ll feel a lot less lucky if someone knocks over your tripod.

A good tip is to arrive early so you have time to set up good locations for your flash and to take test shots. Professional Las Vegas tradeshow photographers won’t want to miss a single opportunity, so arriving early will go a long way to helping that.

If your client refuses to let you use off-camera flash options, your only other real option is to use the flash on the camera. As most Las Vegas photographers know, this is not ideal, but it’s better than no lighting at all.

Dealing with low light is difficult for any photographer, but there are still a few things you can try if great lighting isn’t available to you. If you arrived early enough, you’ll have the time to try things like increasing your ISO settings, or a different aperture. It may still be possible to get quality shots, even if they might not be as perfect as they would have been in ideal lighting.

Being a Las Vegas photographer means adjusting to everything that is thrown at you—including low lighting.



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