Utilizing Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait Photographer

Utilizing Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait Photographer

Utilizing Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait Photographer

For many photographers, portrait photography is an important part of the business. It’s common for businesses to need quality headshots to humanize their team of workers, and to fill in their websites. There are lots of things a portrait photographer can do to make their work better. If you plan to put yourself out there as a portrait photographer, here’s a great tip you can use to help sharpen your skills: Focus on flash.


Off-camera flash isn’t always something potential portrait photographers think about when it comes down to portrait shots, but photographers who use it can actually get some great photos with it. Las Vegas photographers are highly competitive, so if there is something you can do another photographer isn’t doing, it’s worth exploring.

Off-camera flash is just what it sounds like, lights that deliver flash that isn’t attached to the camera. This gives photographers the opportunity to control the lighting a lot better. One way for a Las Vegas photographer to use them is to have the client face away from the sun, and put two off-camera flashes on either side of them.

The results are dramatic pictures that will delight your customers and impress everyone who sees them. Many portrait photographers are reluctant to try them because it can be difficult to understand lighting, but to get ahead as a photographer, learning new equipment is essential for growth.

If you are a Las Vegas photographer, take some time to practice with off-camera flash and see what you come up with. Portrait photographers are in big demand right now, and there are dozens of Las Vegas photographers to choose from. If you want to be the Las Vegas photographer they choose, having a portfolio with unique lighting that wows them can give you an edge.



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