What It Means to be a Professional Las Vegas Photographer

What It Means to be a Professional Las Vegas Photographer

What does it mean to be a professional Las Vegas Photographer?

Who’s a professional Las Vegas photographer? Or what makes you a professional photographer? This question gets asked all of the time. And depending on who you’re asking, you’re most like to get different answers. In fact, not just different but also contrasting answers too.

The popular opinion;

The majority of people would define a professional Las Vegas photographer as someone who makes a living from photography. It is no surprise Google is saying the same thing. We all know that’s where everyone turns to when they need answers.

My humble take;

If you make money from photography, congratulations! But that doesn’t make you a professional photographer. If you have a cool website that says: professional photographer, congrats again!  But that doesn’t make you a professional. What about the coolest gadgets, expensive gears and latest software, does that make the difference? No again. Because

Professional. Is. A. Standard.

When we talk about standards, we mean standards in…

  • Approach: A professional Las Vegas photographer approaches work in a way that shows respect to both the client and the subject of photography. And the manner in which you set about achieving your client’s goal.
  • Dedication to Your Client’s Goals: a professional is ready to go the whole length and put in the effort towards achieving the set goals.
  • Deliver as planned: a professional take his/her art seriously and always strive to meet deadlines. And he/she does this in a manner to ensure all or most of the client’s objectives have been met.
  • Knows The Art: a professional photographer must be ready to learn and re-learn. Always striving to be up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Not just at the beginning of your career, but all through your entire career
  • Maintain a Standard of Work: we don’t necessarily mean natural creativity here because even someone who’s just starting out can produce a great photo out of the bag. Rather, it is the standard you maintain before, during, and after taking a shot. Not allowing the average standard of your work drop from pre-production to post-production, even if you faced so many obstacles. It is about building a relationship with the client from the very first day of your meeting to the last.

And all that is what makes a professional  Las Vegas photographer!


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