Utilizing Instagram as a Las Vegas Photographer

Utilizing Instagram as a Las Vegas Photographer

Utilizing Instagram as a Las Vegas Photographer

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon, it is here to stay. The best a Las Vegas Photographer can do is to utilize its enormous capabilities to boost your business and popularity.

As a marketing tool, photography is incredibly valuable and versatile. Then combining it with the incredible outreach of a visually inclined platform like Instagram makes for a scary combination.

Based in a city like Las Vegas, we are more than aware of how everything is visualized to get people’s attention. It is the reality here. A Las Vegas Photographer can bring that same level of striking imagery to your personal and business Instagram handles.

Here are some of our photography meets Instagram ideas

Taking Instagram worthy photos: basically, we normally aim for just 2 things and perfect them to produce Instagram worthy photos that will be the envy of your friends: composition and lighting.

  • The Lowdown: Composition

Our Instagram gurus make us understand that what captures the interest of viewers is the subject of the photo and the emotion or story behind it. On the technical side of things, we can employ the “Rule of Thirds” to draw attention and interest to an image.

On the flip side, we have to define your story. We have to help you define the style people who visit your Instagram feed is going to see. Then, we can create photos which tell more about you and your work. Henceforth, every photo forms part of your story and no one exists in isolation.

Furthermore, a theme that is neutral and natural is generally good for a lifestyle or fashion brand. While a travel feed should portray the idea of warmth with their photos.  We help find a theme that is minimalistic and help convey your story in the best possible light.

  • The lowdown: lighting

They say lighting is the key to great photography. As a Las Vegas Photographer, we couldn’t agree more. How often had we seen heart-warming photos only for it be undermined by poor lighting?

We know when to take photos so the desired effect is achieved. Keeping things simple on your Instagram feeds means we have to make use of natural light as much as possible. Morning sunrise, evening sunset, and cloudy days are perfect timing for us. It also gives enough room for added creativity during post-production.

So, make your Instagram feed be the envy of your friends and competitors by flooding it with captivating and stunning visuals that are simply too good to ignore. 



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