Architecture Photographer

Architecture Photographer

Las Vegas Architecture photographer

Architectural photography is both an artistic representation and a scientific venture built around equipment, symmetry, and calculations.

On one hand, we are very comfortable taking interior Las Vegas architectural photography. As a team, we have always had great ease with which we reflect the personal power and composition of items in a room. On the other hand, we are also able to reflect the aesthetic impressions that the engineers sought to achieve by designing and constructing the building.

It has always been our passion mixed with professional understanding and experience through which we are able to decide what is the best way to go about achieving chic and proper Las Vegas architectural photography. We take into account lights, shadows, angles, contrasts, colors, textures, and reflections all around the building.

Over and above the daylight architectural photography Las Vegas, I can also do silhouette photography that reflects the haunting glamor of a building’s nightlife. The best part about architecture photography is that it is often responsive to different weather sets and forms of lighting.

Another magic that I exploit when taking architectural photography is that it makes use of the natural reflective surfaces all around the building. Most architectural sites have an unchanging background that oscillates between the different positions of the solar.

Getting The Basics

I understand from experience that the disproportionality between me and the building creates some level of distortion which works to my advantage. The distortions make for a beautiful tension as I try to create symmetry in the final image.

I also take the prominent focal points of architectural design and I crop it seamlessly close by. The best architectural photography features a lot of repeated artifacts or artistic impressions that color the background of the image giving it a proper and well-set design.

Architectural photography just like its primary object- the architecture is built on the principles of symmetry. Hence, at all times, I will be seeking to include the lines and angles as a technique of reinforcing the personality of the central image.

Style and Function

I also tend to switch between the traditional style of photography with candid images, for the older architecture, and the most abstract photography for the newer, more stylish architecture and real estate photography.

Most importantly I have to say architectural photography is not about a photoshoot for a building, it is about representing a theme which most often is what the architect had in mind. So while the primary image is the building and its beautiful background, the primary goal is to either reflect modernity, eco-friendly approaches, urban realism, ingenuity, or sheer ambition.