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Las Vegas Event Photographer

What does a Bar Mitzvah, a graduation ceremony, a 90th birthday, and a networking meeting all have in common? They’re all different events that a Las Vegas Event Photographer has to be ready for. The primary difference between event photography and portrait photography is the number of subjects you need to be aware of. A Las Vegas event photographer learns to keep their head on a swivel, because in a moment’s notice they should to move across a venue to capture the best shots.

Staying prepared is just one aspect of event photography.  After all, what good is being prepared if you can’t blend art with technical skill?  A Las Vegas Event photographer utilizes good time management skills, an in-depth knowledge of lighting techniques, and also an air of charisma to ensure the client feels comfortable.

Being a “Fly on the Wall” is something that a Las Vegas Event Photographer specializes in. Although you’re carrying a camera and an array of camera equipment, the Las Vegas Event Photographer is able to blend in to their surroundings. Even though you have a great responsibility to capture the essence of an event, it’s important to realize that the photographer is only present for documentation purposes.

Vince Lombardi had a quote about being early vs. being late. I don’t like the Packers, but Lombardi raises a good point that can be applied to event photography. A Las Vegas Event Photographer should show up as early as they need to familiarize themselves with a venue, as well as the client that hired you. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes before a shoot, showing up early will bode well for the shoot as well as your professional credibility.