Business portrait photographer

Business portrait photographer

Business portrait photographer

One of the more common sessions you’ll see as a portrait photographer is a business portrait. A business portrait is a professional portrait that you’ll likely see shared on professional social media, corporate websites, and other professional services and locations. For instance, real estate agents and companies will typically showcase professional business portraits on their websites so that clients can see who they will be working with if they hire them. Other types of common business portrait photographer clients include hospitals, nursing homes, and other companies where people prefer to see who they will be hiring or who works for the organization.

Although business portrait photographer is commonplace, it’s not always easy to find clients–or more specifically, it’s not always easy for clients to find you. This is namely because anyone with a point and click camera is calling themselves a photographer nowadays, and it can be difficult to distinguish yourself in such an over saturated market.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to stand out to potential business portrait photographer clients. One of the simplest ways to market yourself to business clients is to post examples of your work (with client permission and a release form, of course) on your online website or, better yet, social media. You should tag the social media posts with business and corporate photography related tags so that businesses in the industry will see them and be exposed to your work.

Another way you can find business clients as a portrait photographer is to simply cold call your services. Contact the company with examples of your portfolio and example rates and let them know that you are open for sessions. This doesn’t always work, but you never know what companies will find that you’ve called at just the right time!



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