Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshots

If you are a real estate agent, in sales, or own a business and are looking to get your headshots done you need commercial headshots. There is a difference between a standard, theatrical, and commercial headshots. Commercial headshots are clean and professional often done with a white background to help graphic designers create clipping paths and to offer a background that doesn’t interfere with your headshot. Commercial headshots are often required of people who want to make a career in acting.

Commercial Headshot Defined: Commercial headshots are designed so that they attract and appeal to the advertising industry. As the name suggests, commercial headshots are produced with commercial intent. They are usually used in magazines, TV commercials, billboards, and other mediums used for advertising purposes.

Commercial Vs. Theatrical Headshots: The two main categories of actor headshots are commercial and theatrical. While they are often used interchangeably, these two types of acting headshots have quite distinct features and purposes. The three main differences between commercial and theatrical include expressions, lighting, and colors. In commercial headshots, you should be smiling and look warm and welcoming, whereas a theatrical headshot is usually serious and intense. While theatrical headshots have dramatic lighting, commercial headshots have direct and flat lighting. Commercial headshots are vibrant, cheerful, and colorful, whereas theatrical headshots have darker and gloomier color schemes.

Qualities Of A Commercial Headshot: A commercial headshot must be able to catch your casting director’s attention in the first look. It should be a current picture showing your real face with the perfect lighting and a cheerful expression. Moreover, always be yourself while getting your commercial headshots done as it will make you look more relaxed and comfortable in your headshots. If you hire CPP, you don’t have to worry about any of these technicalities as we will be providing guidance and assistance through the entire process and deliver you with the best results.

In order to have impressive and high-quality commercial headshots, you should always hire a professional and experienced headshot photographer. Having worked as a Las Vegas headshot photographer for more than twenty years, Christian Purdie is very well-learned of all the requirements and demands of a good commercial headshot. He knows how to capture and display you flawlessly through your commercial headshot. So, call us if you want an amazing headshot photography session along with memorable experience and tremendous results.

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