Equipment for a Headshot Photographer

Equipment for a Headshot Photographer

Equipment for a Headshot Photographer

If you have ever dabbled in headshot photography, then you know it takes a unique set of equipment in order to get just right. Thankfully, that set of equipment can be as simple as 4-5 pieces in all. The most basic equipment for a headshot photographer is a neutral backdrop in either a black or white color; at least two flash units; and tripods to hang your backdrops on.


Here at Christian Purdie photography, we’ve got our headshot sessions down to such an art that we can actually travel with all of this equipment for a headshot photographer. And yes, that includes the camera! Our ability to travel is very popular among clients because, if you are unable to make it into our studio for a session, we can just bring the studio to you! This exceptionally convenient headshot service is just one of the many photography services we offer.

As anyone in the professional industry knows, headshots are an essential part of your public persona. Taking headshots with the right equipment for a headshot photographer is essential for professional looking photographs. These headshots can be placed on business profiles, resumes, and even social media that may be viewed by your employer, colleagues, as well as prominent people in your industry.

That is why we ensure that every headshot session comes complete with all of the necessary equipment for a headshot photographer. We provide tips to all of our clients to ensure that they are wearing ensembles that go well with our neutral backdrops, and our years of experience, skill building, and professional techniques allow us to plan and craft headshot photo sessions that produce stunning headshots that are sure to impress.

If you are looking to get professional headshots taken for your resume, business account, or simply to use on your social media in order to give the best impression, then call Christian Purdie photography today. You—and everyone in your industry—will be very impressed with the results. And don’t worry: we’ll bring all of the equipment for a headshot photographer with us!



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