Equipment In A Mobile Headshot Photographer Studio

Equipment In A Mobile Headshot Photographer Studio

Equipment In A Mobile Headshot Photographer Studio

One of the most common ways that you’ll work as a Las Vegas headshot photographer is through a mobile headshot studio or a studio that can be easily transported using a car, van, or truck. Your studio should have all of the essential equipment you need to set up a headshot session. The following is a short guide to the equipment that you need as a Las Vegas headshot photographer working with a mobile studio set-up.

Essential Equipment for Mobile Headshot Studios

The equipment you bring should cover everything that you need for basic headshot sessions. Headshot sessions are slightly different than portrait sessions or other types of sessions in that they are almost “industrial” in a way, especially if you are working with a corporate client who wants more than one employee photographed for a headshot during a single session. This doesn’t mean that headshot can’t be creative or interesting, but depending on the client you may need to ensure that the headshots are neutral and consistent above all else.

The most essential equipment you’ll need is:

  • Two tripods,
  • Pipe for framework
  • Seamless paper (for backgrounds)
  • Tripods for lights
  • Flashes
  • Softbox to mute light
  • Camera
  • Chair

While you can bring other equipment, unless your client has a specific need for certain types of equipment due to their personal requests, then it’s best to leave them at home. Operating a mobile headshot studio as a Las Vegas headshot photographer already involves enough unpacking, so don’t add unnecessary equipment to the line-up if you can help it.

Remember to always show up early for your headshot photography sessions so that you can have all of your equipment set-ups before the client arrives; this will help you keep things prompt and professional during the shoot.




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