How To Be The Best Corporate Headshot Photographer You Can Be

How To Be The Best Corporate Headshot Photographer You Can Be

How To Be The Best Corporate Headshot Photographer You Can Be

Becoming a corporate headshot photographer is vitally different from being an ordinary photographer. You’ll be doing the same thing as a portrait photographer in most ways, except unlike a portrait photographer, you won’t have a couple hours to make the subject look good. Instead, you’ll have just a few minutes with each subject to make them look their best.

Despite this, being a corporate headshot photographer can be a lot of fun. It’s a steady gig that is still open to a little bit of experimentation. Through asking each client to change their position slightly, be it a shift of the shoulders or a turn of the head, you can help give them a great photo in just a few minutes.

If you’re excited about trying your hand as a corporate headshot photographer, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Ask about the background
    Communication is a key part of being a successful corporate headshot photographer. One of the things many Las Vegas photographers forget to ask about is the background. Will they want a plain white background? A black one? Or perhaps something with their branding in it? It’s best to ask first.
  • Take time with each client
    It’s true that as their Las Vegas photographer you’ll probably only have 1-2 minutes with each client, but you can still make them feel relaxed and at ease. A relaxed photo is always going to look better than a tense photo, so try and make them feel more comfortable in that time.
  • Experiment a little
    If the client didn’t care what kind of photographer was taking their photos, they would probably just take one themselves. Hiring a photographer means they are looking for someone who can make their photos looks a little better. Show them that you are the best Las Vegas photographer available by taking photos at different angles to achieve the best light.


Las Vegas photographers have a lot to offer when it comes to taking a quality corporate headshot. If you’re hoping to be the Las Vegas photographer everyone asks for, start out with these tips.



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