Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone

Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone

Invited To Be A Las Vegas tradeshow photographer? Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone

When you think of working as a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer, you probably think of something a bit more glamorous than it actually is. Sure you’ll be working as a professional photographer, but work can be long and sometimes boring. There’s an unexpectedly large amount of work that goes along with being a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer, and after a few hours of intense work you can start to regret taking on the job.

Unfortunately, competition for the gigs every Las Vegas tradeshow photographer needs to stay in business is fierce. Not only will your client be looking at these photos, but so will nearly everyone in the company you worked for.

It may be tempting to try and turn these opportunities as a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer into a chance to show off your artistic expression, but that’s not desirable either. Your client probably knows what they want in terms of photography, and if your shots are pretty but useless, you won’t be invited back.

If you’d like to be the Las Vegas photographer everyone is asking for, here are a few tips to help you out:

Stay focused

You may be the photographer on site for hours. It can be hard to stay focused and look for great shots during such a long period of time. Stay focused, and keep taking photographs of moments your client will find interesting. Remember, they hired a Las Vegas photographer because these are shots they aren’t able to get themselves.

Ask for a shot list

The client probably has a list of shots they need from their photographer in order to fill out their website, share on social media, and use throughout the year. Ask for this list so you don’t disappoint them by missing a shot.

Take those photographs first

Try and fill out the photographs they want first before experimenting with more unusual shots. The client will probably be unimpressed by your new angle on the endless crowd of suits filing by, especially if you failed to get a photo of the booth or other needed shot instead.

Creativity is important to most photographers, especially those that live and work in Las Vegas. If the tradeshows are sapping your creativity, remember to get out there after hours and take shots of something you truly do enjoy. You’ll feel better, and be energized and ready for the next round of trade shows.



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