Las Vegas Corporate Photographer - What To Do With The White Balance

Las Vegas Corporate Photographer - What To Do With The White Balance

Las Vegas Corporate Photographer – What To Do With The White Balance

In the world of photography, there are a number of things the professionals agree on and there are some that most of them differ on. One that everyone else seems to have an opinion or two about is what to do with the white balance.


White balance is not the only key to photography. It’s important to how we see what we see, whether in photography or what we see with our eyes.

When it comes to photography, white balance can simply mean adjusting colors in our images to make them look more natural. It is the process whereby the colors are adjusted so as to get rid or eliminate color casts in a bid to match the picture with what was seen when it was taken.

What to do with the white balance is more than what concerns the Las Vegas corporate photographer or any other photographer. As humans, it is what helps us to adjust colors back to normal. It is the smart way our brains process colors for us, by adjusting the color temperature. But that’s for the brain.

As a Las Vegas corporate photographer that you are (whether a regular photographer or a Las Vegas photographer), let’s show you what to do with the white balance.

Your camera, just like the human brain, also tries to adjust the color temperature when you’re out shooting. But there’s only so much it can do. As a photographer, the light sources (flash, lights, sunlight, bulbs) you have to work with do not give off colors that are purely white. Instead, the light they give off has specific color temperatures.

Unlike our brains, the digital camera can only guess when it comes to color temperature. And it does this is with the help of ambient light. The guessing power varies with each camera but the story is the same. And more often than not, most of them still make errors. When these errors occur, pictures appear with extra colors instead of looking natural.

This is where you need to know what to do with the white balance. You cannot totally depend on your camera to get it right. It’s more complex than you think.

If you’re wondering how some professional go about this, some of them advise you to keep your camera on auto white balance because they believe that the camera knows best. You want to sometimes leave it to the camera to figure it all out instead of wracking your brain. But this is also dependent on a few things.

For instance, if you’re outside and the weather is overcast, you may have to handle the white balance on your own depending on how you want the picture to turn out. This is where personal taste comes in. Apparently, what to do with the white balance can sometimes be personal.

Sometimes a picture that is unconventional in its color scheme turns out better than a run of the mill picture. When it comes to the white balance, you should do what works for you. But as a Las Vegas corporate photographer, you can only know this after you’ve tried your hands and gotten familiar with the concept of white balance.



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