Las Vegas Photographer - Using Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait

Las Vegas Photographer - Using Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait

Las Vegas Photographer – Using Off-Camera Flash As A Portrait

As a budding photographer, it’s your job to have mastered the use of on-camera flash to get the best out of your images and make them prettier. This aspect of portrait photography is easy to learn and understand. Where there are issues is with off-camera photography as it’s quite an extensive topic and needs proper guidance to master. You can take pictures in the most beautiful places in the world or even be a location photographer and still not get it right. This article would expose you to using off-camera flash as a Las Vegas portrait photographer.


To begin, we would start by knowing why we use camera flash in photography. The reason for this is that one has greater control over the brightness and quality of light on the image and also over the direction of the sun. The whole essence of the off-camera light is to be in control.

Let’s take a look at techniques in using off-camera lights as a portrait;

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, the first thing to consider when taking photos would be finding an appropriate location or background to take the image. A position where the subject suits perfectly.  This is for the image and background quality exposure. The best way to go about exposing your image to quality lighting is by reducing the background lightning a bit and using the off camera flash to give the image quality exposure just as the Las Vegas photographer does.

Another thing to consider is the camera and flash settings a Las Vegas Photographer once said because it adds to the beauty of the image and how the picture turns out after the shot. It should be given consideration and adequately studied, so the right settings to match any background in case the image turns out too bright are known.  

Dealing with the shadow effect is another aspect of photography to consider when using off-camera flash as a portrait. Let’s say you take an image in a bright or sunny environment, as a photographer you have to deal with lifting the shadows of your subject to a better expose where there’s no loss of details.

The position of the lightning is vital to the turnout of the image. The off-camera light position is usually 30 degrees away from the camera position at a height with the same amount of measurement. A Las Vegas Photographer would face it in such a way that the light from the softbox falls on the head and shoulders of their subject. The softbox should be aimed at the upper body part with the ray of lightning pointing to their face. This is the best way to position the light for a good result.

The positioning of the camera is also an important factor in using off-camera light. Remember you’re not supposed to let the source of the lightning show in the image, therefore position the camera where the softbox does not appear in the picture.

You can choose to edit the image a little if you’re not satisfied with the turnout after the shot.  Hopefully, these few tips of mine and the best Las Vegas portrait Photographer would help improve your off-camera light photography abilities.



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