Las Vegas Photographer

Las Vegas Photographer

So you’re thinking of having a photo shoot in Las Vegas? You’ve come to the right place! Las Vegas is a unique city that’s unparalleled entertainment industry is matched only by its natural beauty. Looking for a photographer to take photos of a business event? Our convention centers are a perfect place to sponsor a corporate event! Want to remember your family vacation to Vegas? The iconic Las Vegas Strip has a myriad of photogenic backdrops. Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan city? We can take portrait shots out in the world-renowned Red Rock Canyon or Mt. Charleston.


For a Las Vegas Photographer, this city is a goldmine for picturesque shoots. And at Christian Purdie Photography, we know where to get the best shots. Our team is comprised of Vegas locals who’ve spent our free time exploring this sprawling city. In our days of searching for the best spots and our neverending hunt for the nourishing ‘golden hour’, we’ve managed to compile a list of our favorite spots.

  • The Bellagio Fountains
    • Nothing screams Vegas like bursting fountains choreographed to country music. In pop culture, Vegas is never referenced without a quick pan to the Bellagio fountains. After multiple shoots conducted on the Strip, we’ve learned that the fountains are a brilliant spot for portraits. If a client is unsure of where to have portraits taken we typically recommend this location.
  • Bonnie Springs
    • If you’re heading out to Red Rock Canyon, it’s worth going a few extra miles to reach Bonnie Springs. The parking lot is spacious and crowds only flock during high-profile events, leaving the surrounding area free for ample room to conduct a shoot. Most visitors go to Bonnie Springs to check out its wild, wild West stylings, but if you’re willing to explore a little bit, you can find desolate spots in the surrounding desert for fun and unique poses.
  • Downtown Las Vegas
    • As a local sometimes I crave getting off the Las Vegas Strip, and when I do I like to walk around downtown. The Fremont area is packed with unique characters, good vibes, and impeccable street art. It’s easy to find enormous murals painted on the sides of buildings, or intricate sculptures sprouting up at random. All of this makes downtown Las Vegas a great place for portraits, especially if you’re the artsy type at heart.


If you’re coming to Vegas for a weekend getaway or you’re a local in search of great photos, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professionalism is matched only by our enthusiasm and passion for good photography.

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